The Woman on a 50-State Challenge (#2 of 100 Interesting People)

Boise, IdahoThe man walked down the aisle of the plane looking for an open seat. He paused as he approached our row, eyeing the middle seat between me and another woman. I spread out in my seat and shifted my laptop, hoping he would not want to sit next to someone who was going to work throughout the flight. I wasn’t feeling very welcoming; it was a boring business trip, to Idaho, of all places. What fun could I have in Idaho?

After he moved on toward the rear of the plane, the other woman leaned over to me, smiled, and said, “I really was hoping he wouldn’t sit here because I wanted the some extra room; but still, it makes me wonder … What’s wrong with me, that he didn’t want to sit here?”

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Facebook: Reuniting Old Flames, and Reigniting Old Infernos

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If you like Facebook because it reunites old friends, look at how it reignites old enemies.

When Kentucky’s archrival Louisville lost in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament, I posted the snarky comment, “Go, Morehead State! Everyone wins when Louisville loses.” “Michael,” an old high school friend with whom I had connected on Facebook but had had almost no interaction, responded with several strongly worded posts defending Louisville. I sparred with him, but I reminded him that I was saying this all in good fun. I thought that was the end of it.

The next day, “Alan” posted an unprintable response to Michael on Continue reading