Candy Cornbread’s Big News

Thanks to all of your great responses to my latest story about Candy Cornbread, the pen name and literary heroine of the 75-year-old alcoholic nun who secretly publishes redneck vampire nun erotica. People seem to like her, and I love her positive message for women. For those of you who haven’t heard or read the story, I will tell it in my Minnesota Fringe Festival storytelling show August 4-14, and it will be in my upcoming ebook, Pecan Pie, Cigars, and the One and Only Secret to Happiness.

Because of these responses, Candy Cornbread is going to get her own full-length novel. You will be able to read about how Sister Emily, Sister Caroline, and blend their own unique backgrounds to continue the Candy Cornbread stories, to save St. Marlene’s Abbey from being closed by the bishop, and to inspire women (and men) to seek continuous improvement in their lives.

The bad news? I can’t begin this until after the Fringe show.