OxyContin Irony

Oxycontin list

How ironic …

I spent the first half of the day plotting the deaths in a murder mystery using (abusing) OxyContin. I spent the second half of the day in kidney stone agony, for the first time dipping into the prescription painkillers that the hospital doctor had prescribed just in case I needed them while I try to pass this thing.

When I read the label, I discovered that it is the generic form of the same one I plotted in the murders.

On the bright side, I had an already-prepared safety checklist. All those things I had researched for the murder plot? Don’t do them.

  • I did not crush them. 
  • I did not wash them down with liquor. 
  • I did not overdose. 
  • I did not die.

Twin Cities Storytelling: “Fraud,” April 16, Cheap Theatre

Hey, y’all need to go to this! The day after tax day, a storytelling event on the theme of “Fraud.” Hear Delta Giordano, Charlie Fowler, Noel LaBine, Joan Calof, and me. I’m giving a preview up my upcoming Minnesota Fringe Festival show, “The Magnificent Story of St. Marlene’s Marvelous Moonshine.”

Email me at christymariekent@yahoo.com for tickets.