Minnesota Fringe Festival Wrap-Up: How’d We Do?

HUGE thank you to everyone who came to “The Magnificent Story of St. Marlene’s Marvelous Moonshine.” Before the show, I set (a) a minimum goal, below which I would have to consider getting out of this line of performance; and (b) a stretch goal, beyond which I would be ecstatic. Actual receipts: 50% MORE than the stretch goal.

Somebody with a thesaurus, what’s the superlative of ecstatic? Ecstaticest?

The most important takeaway from Fringe

And so the Minnesota Fringe Festival has completed its run. We have tucked it under the covers and turned out the lights. Goodnight, Fringies, it’s time for bed.

Thank you to everyone who came to “The Magnificent Story of St. Marlene’s Marvelous Moonshine (Made by Monks),” the show with the longest title in all of Fringe. I had set goals for my first year at the Fringe based on what other seasoned performers told me to expect, and we exceeded every one of those goals. Thank you for making it happen!

We had excellent reviews, all four- or five-kitty reviews, nothing less: “This lady is one of the best storytellers I have seen at Fringe,” “funny, smart, conversational, unaffected,” “a must-see show,” and “her homespun charm and dry wit is thought-provoking, hilarious, and emotionally resonant all at once, creating a show that both honors and pokes fun at the South, religion, and family.” The most wonderful compliment of all was a comparison to the great Nancy Donoval.

If you enjoyed the show, there are two options: Patrick and I would love to perform this at other places that appreciate our approach to “unconventional reverence.” (Unitarian-Universalist churches, maybe?) Or you can wait for the novel which I will be working on this fall with the characters of Father Robertson, Brother John, Sister Candace, Beverly, and Candy Cornbread.

But one particular takeaway from the show is more valuable than all the ticket sales or all the reviews in all the world: I made new friends. Thank you for connecting with me, for approaching me after the show, for bonding with me over a few stories about unconventional reverence.

Twin Cities Daily Planet’s Review of Fringe Festival Preview

The Twin Cities Daily Planet printed a flattering write-up about my upcoming Minnesota Fringe Festival show in the Twin Cities Daily Planet. The reviewer, phillip andrew bennett low, attended the showcase last Wednesday at Kieran’s. Thank you!

Phillip has his own Fringe show coming up–Camelot is Crumbling–which I have seen before and highly recommend.

If you missed the showcase, you can see another preview Monday, July 18, at 7:30 at the Mixed Blood Theater in Minneapolis. “Camelot is Crumbling” will be previewed in the same showcase.

You can view my show information for “The Magnificent Story of St. Marlene’s Marvelous Moonshine” at the Fringe website, and also make a list of all the shows you want to see–over 160 shows!–and purchase advance tickets online.