About Christy Marie Kent

Christy Marie KentChristy Marie Kent was born in Mississippi at the height of the Civil Rights movement. Every couple of years, her parents moved around the south, averaging a new state every two years, yet, wherever they went, she found them.

After college, with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s in mathematics, her day job as an actuary moved her further and further north. Now she finds herself living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota with her husband, two sons, and a cat who begs to return to a warmer climate.

Nevertheless, she thinks the Twin Cities are the ideal environment to pursue her second career as a writer, storyteller, and college instructor. She loves Minnesota, and the cat will just have to suck it up and grow a thicker coat … don’tcha know.

Be sure to catch Kent’s upcoming storytelling performances and other appearances around the Twin Cities. If you are not in Minnesota, then bow your head and give thanks for being warmer than Kent, and go to the right of this page and sign up for email updates.

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