Angels, Monks, and Hormones

What happens with the Southern Baptist preacher’s son, growing up in the conservative south, wants to become a nun? Or, more precisely, a monk, because it turns out that being female is something of a requirement to be a nun?

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Pecan Pie, Cigars, and the One and Only Secret to Happiness

“Feel-good stories like the Little House on the Prairie books, except with old women drinking moonshine.” Yeah. Sure makes you think again about Pa calling Laura his “little half-pint,” doesn’t it?

Sometimes compared to Eudora Welty, Christy Marie Kent weaves humorous tales about a woman in rural Georgia in the 1940s, stories of playing poker, smoking cigars, running away to Las Vegas and learning the meaning of “getting lucky” in her wild years before she settled down and married the Baptist preacher. Spinning each tale with charming, colorful, and sometimes bittersweet details of her life in the old south, she finishes with surprising wisdom to help Christy with her modern problems of work-life balance, independence, and the one and only secret to happiness.

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  1. i just read your book and loved it. the world would be so boring if everyone were the same. i will never be able to empathize with the struggles you have gone through, but it has certainly opened my eyes to the difficulties and persecutions of trans gendered people. thanks for writing these stories so that we “mere normals” can understand it. i can tell that these struggles have made you a better person because because you’ve spent so much time in meditation and introspection. amy always said you were a weird guy back in school and she always followed it up with…but in a good way. im glad you are now happy being you and i don’t think many people ever reach that point. thanks for being open and sharing these details of your interesting life. scott loveday

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